What’s the Difference Between Torque Sensor and Cadence Sensor?

What’s the Difference Between Torque Sensor and Cadence Sensor?

There are some differences between torque sensors and cadence sensors in electric bicycles:

Working principle

Torque sensors determine the output power by detecting the size and direction of the force applied by the rider on the pedals. It directly measures the rider's pedaling force and controls the motor's power assistance according to the size of the force.

Cadence ​​sensors control the output of the motor by measuring the speed of the wheel. It mainly adjusts the power assistance based on the speed of the vehicle.

Response characteristics

The response of the torque sensor is more direct and immediate. When the force applied by the rider changes, the motor's power assistance can be quickly adjusted accordingly, providing a more natural and humanized riding experience.

The response of the cadence sensor is relatively lagging, and the power assistance may be untimely or inaccurate.

Riding experience

Electric bicycles equipped with torque sensors make riders feel more like riding naturally, and the power assistance is proportional to the pedaling force, which is more autonomous and sporty.

Cadence ​​sensors may give people a feeling that the power assistance is not smart and accurate enough, especially when starting and climbing.

Energy efficiency

Torque sensors can more accurately match the power assistance needs, avoid unnecessary energy waste, improve energy utilization efficiency, and meet the requirements of longer battery life.

Cadence ​​sensors may not accurately sense the rider's effort, which may lead to less optimized energy consumption and consume more electricity to a certain extent.



Generally speaking, the cost of torque sensors is relatively high.


The cost of cadence sensors is usually lower.



The design and installation of torque sensors are relatively complex and require more precise calibration and debugging.


Cadence ​​sensors are relatively simple and easier to install and maintain.

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