S600 Dual Motor

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  • Free Delivery & Easy Returns
  • 10 Years Warranty
  • All Bikes Are with Throttles
  • Fenders and Rear Shelf Included
  • All Terrain Fat Tyres 26"*3"
  • Dual Brushless Motor 2000W
  • Samsung 48V 17.5Ah Portable Battery
  • Dual Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Top Speed 50 KPH
  • Electric Range 50 KM
  • Total Range Up to 100 KM
  • Shimano 7 Speed
  • Thickened Rear Shelf for 150 KG
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • A Free Helmet
  • Sold over 500K Units Worldwide
  • Save 20% - LIMITED TIME ONLY
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    The King size is now out of stock and can be pre-ordered and shipped in Mid-November.
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    Extra Battery Purchase Available


    · Fast brushless dual motors with a power of 2000W


    · 48V 17.5Ah Samsung battery


    · King meter instrument


    Front and rear shock absorbers


    · Aluminium alloy


    · Up to 40km/h

    Electric mode

    · 40-50 kilometers


    · 7-speed Shimano

    Maximum distance

    · 80-90 kilometers

    Charging time

    · 5-6 hours


    · Intelligent flameless controller


    · 35kg

    Package weight

    · 36kg

    Package size

    · 143*26*73.5CM

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's in the box?

    Upon delivery, 90% of the components are pre-assembled. Just install the front wheel, saddle, pedals and handlebar.

    The kit includes the e-bike body, battery, charger, rear hanger and tools.

    Do your e-bikes come with locks?

    We would highly recommend you purchase a reliable bike lock to protect your e-bike.

    Check out our blogs for guides on this.

    How to make my battery last longer?

    The 4 key points to make the battery last longer are:

    · Charge properly

    · Discharge moderately

    · The right temperature

    · Proper storage

    Is there any daily maintenance required?

    While our bikes are rather low-maintenance and do not require special attention, it's definitely helpful to use our suggestions below to help keep your e-bike at its best.


    Regular inspection can help with spotting possible mechanical malfunction. We recommend you do the following checks on a regular basis:

    Functionality of your brakes

    Functionality of your lights

    Tire pressure


    Regular cleaning can make your bike shine and prolong its lifespan, especially after your bike has gone through an extreme ride (muddy road, heavy rain, long-distance, etc.).

    Do not use a high-pressure water jet as it may damage the bearing and electronic components of the bike.

    No Lube

    Do not use lubricant on your electric bicycle; the motor system does not require any lubrication. Lubing with oil could damage the drivetrain system.

    Where can I take my Merkx e-bike for service or inspection?

    Our e-bikes can get serviced at most bike shops since most of the components can be found on the market.

    If you need help with the motor, battery, display, sensor, light, or controller, please do not hesitate to contact us at service@merkx.com.au. We will help you diagnose the issue, and send you the needed replacement parts, together with a video installation guide.

    You can get it installed at a trust-worthy local bike shop.

    What's the price of the battery when I want to change one?

    You can get replacement batteries from us for free within 6 months.

    After that, you can still buy batteries from us for many years to come.

    We will add 0 mark-up to any needed replacement battery, and the actual price will be floating based on the market condition.

    Our current estimation is $500.

    Why should I choose Merkx?

    Our e-bikes are compatible with most accessories on the market.

    We do not just want to provide the best riding experience for our urban adventurers, but also the best service possible.

    We offer a 2-year warranty on all our e-bikes (5 years on the frame & front fork).

    We can send you brand-new spare parts when needed within the warranty.

    If you have a question or face any issue, just contact us at service@merkx.com.au. Our customer support team is ready to help.

    Most bike shops can service the components. Other than the core electric components, we use as many standard bicycle parts as possible.

    Portable or integrated battery, we have the right e-bike to suit your preferences. Even after the 2-year warranty, you can still purchase new batteries from us.

    If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at service@merkx.com.au.

    Which payment method does Merkx accept?

    We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Shop Pay.

    What to do if my payment failed?

    If you could not make a successful payment, please kindly proceed with the following steps:

    1. Check if your card has sufficient funds. 2. Check your internet connection, and refresh your page. 3. Contact your card issuing bank for help.

    If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at service@merkx.com.au for help.

    Can I cancel or change my order?

    If you want to make changes to a placed order, please kindly contact us via service@merkx.com.au as soon as possible.

    Please note that an order modification is only possible before the order status changes to "Shipped", and we are not able to change a "Shipped" order.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Jack Ryan

    Awesome bike handel's terrain well suspension work's good, only thing is battery life, could be better

    Michael Vidal
    The S600 is everything I expected and so much more.

    When unboxing the S600, I was pleasantly surprised to find the packaging substantial and all the components of high quality. Assembly was a breeze with the supplied toolkit adequate for both assembly and maintenance tasks. My only suggestion would be to provide a pouch in which to store the supplied tools.
    I live in a steep, hilly town in Nambour, Qld.
    Once the battery was charged fully, I rode the bike 45 kilometres to test it’s range and power on minimum settings.
    It performed flawlessly and still had two bars left out of five when fully charged.
    I want to get a spare battery next, so I can extend my rides to double that distance.
    On one long down hill run, I achieved 65kph, though the motor cut out at around 49kph as it was set to do. On flats it ran at around 40 kph. I found that on very steep hills, engaging both motors powered it up effortlessly, ( I am 115kgs), though most hills I used one motor at minimum assist level 1 of 5. At night, the headlight is surprisingly very effective.
    I love the range of settings available, to fine tune the motor’s powers and speed limits to my liking and to my city and bush conditions.
    The suspension, brakes and tyres performed very well and contributed to my confidence and comfortable rides.
    There is no need to mention how attractive the bike looks as the brochures show that already.
    I have not as yet, taken the bike onto the beach, but with the two wheel drive, 1,000W motors in each 3” fat wheels, I can tell they will handle the sand with ease.
    I like how the motors are in each wheel, instead of frame mounted, so there is no additional strain on the chain.
    On my wish list is mirrors, panniers, tail light.
    My biggest concern now is theft, I purchased a decent 1.8m cable lock from Bunnings to thread through both wheels and frame and am awaiting delivery of a find-my-device locator.